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Medical Freezer Capacity:936L Temp:-40℃
Product Details

Deep Freezer   MDF-40V936


 Accurate microprocessor controller to ensure consistent cabinet temperature-25℃~-40℃ and increment 0.1℃.

 The embedded handle,easy for one-man operation.

 Adjustable height of plastic coated fabric grid, more uniform temperature.

 Wide available voltage range: 187V~242V

 Chemically stable,CFC-free,commercially available and environmentally safe refrigerant


 Visual and audible alarm system: High/low temperature, power failure, sensor error, door ajar, Thermostat failure,Low

battery,Abnormal voltage,High ambient temperature

 controller setting password to prevent unauthorized access.

 4 Inner doors to prevent cold air from leaking out when the out-door is opening.

 Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system when power failure.

 Controller error protection: the cooling system will remember the normal working cycle and keep working depending on this

memory when controller or two sensor failed.

 Backup battery to ensure that power alarm after 72 hours

Humanized design

 4 casters with stopper for easy moving and fixation.

 Standard test hole,convenient for temperature monitoring.Adjustable shelves, 4 Inner doors design effective protection of the

temperature in the cabinet

 The built-in lock design, beautiful and safe.

 The embedded handle, convenient door open


4 Independent inner door design

Wide voltage design: 187V~242V available

Build-in back-up battery: 72 hours power failure alarm

9 visual and audible alarms



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